making of bloggercamp - outtakes

With this video we want to show you our other side, you didn't get a glimpse of yet.
We present you the takes that didn't quite make the cut.


Games that change the way we live football

Another short story about what happens, when the trophy comes close to town. This time we show you what happened in Basle (Switzerland) when their club reached the second round of the Champions League 2002/03.
Great games and emotions take place when football changes the world of one town. For a few days. Changes the way we feel. The way we act. The way we think. And in a way creates euphoric unforgettable Memory. By chance, I stayed in Basle (Switzerland) when the FC Basel reached the second round of the Champions league. Beating Juventus 2:1, playing tie 3:3 against Liverpool. The whole town went crazy. I haven't experienced Switzerland in that way before and ever since. It was so amazing to see how a game can change the character of a whole town. Enjoy!

Send us your video. Your blog. Your UEFA Champions League Trophy experience!
We can't wait for your Trophy story!


The two guys from the blog

Meet Henning and Jan, the two guys from the blog...

The Trophy is coming to Italy

Italy is going crazy because the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour is coming to Milan!
We shot some pictures in the streets of Hamburg were we are right now. I guess you can imagine how the UEFA Trophy Tour will be welcomed in Milan... Stay tuned for quotes, pictures and videos of the arrival!

Site of the day: Die Ligashow

As you know by now, we present you everyday one special site. Because we're in Hamburg right now, we selected a little online tv show called "Die Ligashow". Presenting short comments on the upcoming football matchday with prominent politicians and VIPs from Germany. Well - especially he mixes the original voices and quotes to a new meaning. Very funny to listen. And very well made. Enjoy!

If you have sites or clubs you want us to present, please sent us your ideas and suggestions! We can't wait!

We challenge Hamburg

It was quite a tough first day yesterday in the bloggercamp. We still have some sore muscles. But we proudly present our first short video. A quick street soccer game with the local kids club. Even if we won, we all had fun and it was great to see how crazy those kids were into football. Even the girls - playing in our winning team - played full heartedly! Congrats to all of you kids. We really felt welcome in your hometown.

What really inspires us!

These magic moments of football are really better than coffee in the morning. 11 Years of UEFA Trophy and the great pictures of football heros we all remember. Can't get a better start in the day. And for us just the right way to begin another great bloggercamp day in Hamburg.


What a day

First day at our bloggercamp. And what a great day. We fought the kids club and surprisingly won. Without injuries and tears (on our side). We did some great videos. Pictures. Are connected on twitter, blogger and facebook. 

Stay tuned for more. We will be back tomorrow.